Wizard World Austin

Wizard World Comic Con was this weekend. It was my first art table, and definitely not my last (because I'll at least be at STAPLE in March 2011). Jason Poland of Robbie + Bobby shared a table with me (and kept it from looking like just a table).

Glow-in-the-dark President Duck Washington buttons seemed to sell more than anything else, and Grandma took tips "graciously."
And then I looked up at one moment and there was this kid:
Go ye forth and defend this great nation from the Puppet Resistance of 2027, little man!

Kids who asked me for autographs: 5
People who commented on my butchering of the Russian language: 5
Serious inquiries about my experience as a former child star: 6
Suggestions that I make this a "Priceless" parody: Well fuck anyone who suggests it.

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