Today marks the (observed) 16th birthday of Skweegie Island!* So I feel I've gotta post something on this BRAND-SPANKING NEW** website hosted at Blogger. I'm still going to try working out some of the kinks, like getting the LYTEBOX thing to work, as well as making it look more like the old site. But like Jason said, in more or less words, it's easier to update shit on here.

ALSO, with Wizard World coming up in November, I've been putting together a NEW*** book, which has been taking up a good chunk of my time. In doing this I've realized that everything I've colored digitally up to this point looks like CRAP. On a standard monitor, the old website hurt my eyes. In print, it's all too dark. That's what I get for coloring on a non-adjustable laptop monitor.

(*As a concept, not as a website)
(**At least 43**** percent BRAND-SPANKING)
(***At least 70***** percent PREVIOUSLY UNPRINTED material)
(****Randomly generated by thought; not calculated)
(*****Probably more accurate)

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